Top 10 Alternatives of Evernote Apk for Android (Free Unique Apps)

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Hello Friend’s, Welcome to ApkDigit Blog. In this Blog, We will provide the Alternatives of Evernote Apk for Android. Evernote App is a software that allows you to manage all your notes in one place. Here you don’t have to go to different places to write remember points.

As if you want to prepare notes for your project or for any presentation than this one is the best option for you. As it allows you to manage all your notes according to yourself. But there are so many apps that have been launched throughput which you can prepare notes. They all will work as a Top 10 Alternative to Evernote Apk for Android. I am providing you the top alternatives of Evernote that you can use in your Android device.

Top 10 Alternatives of Evernote Apk for Android

Alternatives of Evernote Apk for Android

Proof Hub

ProofHub Apk

It is an all-around project management software. It is an alternative of Evernote which will capture your thoughts idea and your concepts and store in a proper manner so that you don’t have to memorize anything. It is one of the most powerful note management systems that will help you to prepare color notes.

You can add comments in notes so that you can collaborate easily for thoughts and ideas. All the notes that you have created in the proof hub have an option of pin them to the top so that you can use it easily and it will not consume your lots of time.


This app is basically used for companies so that you can prepare your notes for projects. To share the documents between employee this app is basically used. The app has integration with Google Drive, GitHub, and zipper so everything will be organized in a proper manner. For companies, the app has a more advance plan in which you can give permissions and report to authorized persons only.

Microsoft OneNote

MicroSoft OneNote Apk

If you will ask for someone about the alternative of Evernote then most of them will suggest OneNote as it is the best alternative and allows you to prepare notes category wise like you can prepare notes and there are sub notes that are there which called notebooks.

So it becomes easier for you to organize notes. Apart from that, you will get various formatting tools and drawing tools for formatting and to make your notes more attractive. The interface of the app is very clean and simple.

Nimbus Note

Nimbus Note Apk

It is the best Alternative of Evernote as the app is loaded with all the features of Evernote. You can use this app for preparing long notes and to attach files that are larger in size. So it will be very beneficial for you to use this app if you have to send various files and make various notes in it.

The app is compatible with all features and you can use it on any platform if we talk about the interface of the app then interface can be slightly better but other features of the app compensate it.

Zoho Notebook

ZohoNote Book Apk

Zoho is another alternative of Evernote if someone will say to define it then it will define it in one word as the most beautiful app. The interface of the app is simple and easy and allows you to use the app properly. For the categorization the app allows you to use various colors in it. In your notes you can add videos and images there are various versions are available you can choose any one of them.

Google keeps Notes

Google Keep Note Apk

This app is basically used for making short notes. Here you don’t have to pay a lot of charges. But the app does not support formatting and it will not be allowed you to create folders but the app is very fast so you can use it in your device for short notes. You can add comments in that notes so that it will be useful for you to collaborate notes and the interface is very much similar to sticky notes it will also allow you to add color notes in it.


SimpleNote Apk

As the app says that it is an app that is simple and easy to use. It offers amazing features like you can add comments in the notes and then collaborate easily to gain some points from any note. You can format the text easily user interface is very simple and easy to understand so that you can use the app properly.

Here you can change font size and the app is able to support dark mode. It is the best Alternative of Evernote. The file size is not too big so you can download this app easily without occupying a lot of space.

Google Docs

Google Docs Apk

If you are looking for an app that you can use to prepare documents then this is another option for you. It is a proper word processor that exactly work Microsoft word and helps you to make documents easily. It includes some more features like you can add tables, charts so better formatting options will be provided to you.

Wrapping UP:

This is all about the Top 10 Alternatives of Evernote Apk as every Alternative is best in its place. Everything has its positive as well as negative effects so you have. Now it is up to you that what you are selecting according to your choice. It becomes easier for everyone to select any app for making documents and preparing notes. This one is the best option for you so you will be able to download the app easily.

You can download all this app from Google play store but if it is not available on the play store then you can use the Alternative of Google play store like Aptoide which allows you to download all the games and apps free of cost. This one is the best option that you can choose to download the app without giving any payment. But for using this app you have to do some settings like go into the settings and security allow the installation from unknown resources so that your device will be able to download the app from third-party sources. Otherwise, Google play store is the best option for you so you can Download any Top Alternatives of Evernote Apk for Android.

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