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Google Play Services Apk is an Android app that makes sure the rest of your apps are up-to-date. It does this by constantly checking that all installed apps have the latest available versions.
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Google Play services Apk: Some of the time we have seen that if we are trying to download the applications on the older version of your Android device then a pop up will be generated that ask for updating your Google play store so that you can enjoy the latest version of all the apps and services that you will download from Google Play store.

Google Play services Apk are the app that helps you to keep all the updated apps on your mobile device.  if you have some of the older apps then it will find out and among them, older apps updated it on the basis of your latest version that you will suggest.   The app also has control over SMS and access to your sensitive log data as in this way it keeps the records of all the things in your mobile device.

Download Google Play Services Apk for Android

Download Google Play services Apk for Android

Well, we can also say that it is the package of APIs that assist the programmers to use the updated version of the apps and allows all the apps to communicate with the other apps.  now I am taking the example through which we can understand the working of Google play services.  Before we are using Google play services the Google map also updated when the Android OS was updated.

We all know that it becomes a very slow process to implement the updates in any apps. And today we don’t have to wait for anything, Google play services updated all the apps automatically. Google Play services also allow you to update your app without doing any changes in the version of your Android operating system.  When you are using Android and its version 2 or above then apps will get the best latest and updated feature.

All the updates are independent of the Android OS. If you have a Google service app then it also provides you a better experience of using various games, apps, performing various offline functions.  But some of the users say that  Google play services consume most of the battery. Yes, it is really true the app consuming a lot of battery of your mobile phone.  When you update your Android  OS then it also consumes a lot of battery in your mobile device.  the reason for using this is that compatibility as the Android version is not compatible with the Google Play services.  Well, there is no need to worry about it. I am going to tell you some of the solutions that will help you to resolve these issues-

  • First thing is that remove the updates from the app for this Go into the settings> Applications>All> Google play services> three dots menu> uninstall updates. You also need to go into the settings> security> device administrators and disable the Android device manager first.
  • You can also disable the arrangement of the data for this go into the settings and in the accounts after that press the menu button and disable the auto-sync data.

File Information of  Google Play Services Apk

App NameGoogle Play services Apk
DeveloperGoogle Inc.
File Size56.0MB
UploadedJuly 29, 2019
RequirementAndroid 4.1 to Up

How to download and install Google Play Services Apk on Android

Download Google Play services Apk

Well, Google play services are pre-installed on all the latest Android devices and when any new version is available then it updates itself. If you are using an older version of any application then you have to update it manually.  If you are getting some of the errors in updating the apps then there are some steps that will help you out-

  • Go to the Google Play store and Download Google Play services Apk for your Android device.
  • Navigate the downloaded APK file in your device.
  • When you will find the APK file then click on it, when you will click on it then installation gets the start of Google play services.

Google Play services Apk icon

  • The installation process will take some time to complete the process. So wait for it.
  • When the process will complete then you will see the Google play services icon on your device screen.
  • Launch the app by clicking on the app and the app will start working.

Download Google Play services Apk

This is the process to download the app on your mobile device. it is easy to download and easy to use. You don’t need to follow the hectic process to use this app.

You can visit the Homepage of this site and download more apps.

The various functions and Services of the Google Play services Apk

  • Google Map API: The API of Google allows you to access Google maps without leaving the apps. for example, if you are using an app to book a cab or navigate a booked hotel, you must have to use the services of this app.
  • Location APIs: This API is used to perform some kind of action when a person leaves or enters from a particular geographical location. Here fuse location provider works that help to reduce power usage while you are location services.
  • Google Drive API: With the help of this API you can transfer and store the file very well from Goggle Drive.
  • Google Play game services: These services are used to create a more competitive environment in the multiplayer game session that provides various achievements. This  API  will help you to save your data and your progress.
  • Google+ platform: If you are logging with your Google+ account then you will be able to use a single password or username to access multiple accounts on multiple apps.
  • Google mobile ads: This is the kind of application that is used to integrate advertisements into the applications and it displays only intelligent ads. This is the way through which various developers monetize the app.

Now if we talk generally about the Google plays services Apk then found that it is the background app that runs on Android, which works hard to integrate Google’s advanced functionalities to other applications.  it is basically used to update various Google apps. it is the app that increases the value of the app that has an older version.   You can enjoy the latest features and latest version of the app with the help of Google play services.

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